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About TexAna Creations

Hi and Welcome to our Small Business, TexAna Creations. Where we make everything from custom work like cutting boards a Patriotic Wall Flag art to customized wooden Christmas Handmade Christmas ornaments. But first, here's our story and how we came to be TexAna Creations.

We are Mike and Melissa and we've been together since 2016. Mike has always built furniture, outdoor tables, porches, and sign holders. Melissa has always done some kind of art, painting or drawing. So when the two got together they slowly started calibrating on his projects together.

But in 2019 before Covid-19 hit, we started doing some outdoor furniture for family and friends I was posting it online and we started getting orders and request to build things. Then Melissa started seeing all these Wooden Flags and she made one and then it sold fairly quickly. 

In the beginning of Feb of 2020 Melissa went on maternity leave and then Mike was let go from his job, so we decided to make this a legit company and business. As a small business we can guarantee that if we aren't happy with the final product then it isn't going out of our door. We take a lot of pride in our products and only provide you with the best and highest quality. 

Majority of our products are customizable to your personal liking. If you would like to customize something in our inventory or to get something special made you only need to ask. We will be happy to accommodate you and work with you and make your ideas into REALITY!!!

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